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The Original Joe Cool Thumb Splint


The original Joe Cool thumb abduction splint is designed to maintain thumb abduction with minimal interference to grasp and tactile input.

Joe Cool thumb abduction splints are made of soft, flexible neoprene and have an adjustable hook and loop closure system. They do not have a latex component, and they can be hand washed in cold water (line dry).

Some benefits of choosing Joe Cool thumb splints:

  • Splints are pre-made, freeing up valuable time.
  • Splints come in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Cuts to Custom Fit
  • Inexpensive- prices range from only $15.95 to $18.95.
  • Because they are made in popular colors, children are happy to wear them.


The Joe Cool Thumb Splint

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The Joe Cool Glove

The Joe Cool Glove

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Our new glove design will be easier to use while providing the thumb abduction & positioning needed for more functional use of the hand. The thumb strap may be adjusted for tone fluctuations during the day, or for various activities. Fingers are free for grasping and tactile information. Wrist flexion and extension should be uninhibited if the glove is fit properly.

Important size information: Size is determined by measuring the width of the hand across the knuckles. See the size conversion chart on the order page.


Super Natural Puzzle Company


Beautiful, interesting puzzles with subject matter of the natural world are here! With piece sizes that can be successfully assembled by those with attention span issues and cognitive and fine motor limitations.  It opens up an area of accomplishment and enjoyment previously closed to them.

Puzzles of this caliber are traditionally available only in 500-1500 small pieces, an impossibility for most in the disabled community, not to mention pre-school age children. These are two populations that have a lively curiosity and love for the natural world.

With a simply worded, educational and entertaining fact sheet and "look closer" questions, the puzzle assembler has access to information about the puzzle that the casual observer might not have. This can facilitate initiated conversation with family and friends about the puzzle they are assembling.

Try some of these puzzles in sizes that best fit the skill level of your child, patient, or student, and you'll see why we are so excited about Super Natural Puzzles.


    • All puzzles are 11x17 when finished
    • 24 piece with 2-3" pieces
    • 48 piece with 2" pieces
    • 99 piece with 1" pieces

Super At:

    • Building Attention Span
    • Skill
    • Confidence
    • Success
  • Curiosity
  • Colors
  • Pictures
  • Wildlife

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Cardinal Juvenile

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The Joe Cool Sensory Integration Clay


Joe Cool Play Clay is a multi-sensory product children will enjoy while experiencing therapeutic and sensory advantages.

  • Visual Stimulation - Joe Cool Play Clay comes as six 5oz. rolls, and each roll is in a different vibrant color - blue, purple, green, red, orange and yellow. These bright colors are immediately attractive to a child’s visual sense.

  • Tactile Stimulation - Joe Cool Play Clay is very soft and pliable, perfect for children with weaker hands, and can be easily manipulated into shapes. It is smooth and supple to a child’s touch. The clay can be rolled out, cut into to shapes, molded into figures or just squished through the child’s fingers to stimulate the child’s tactile senses.

  • Olfactory Stimulation - One of the most appealing qualities of Joe Cool Play Clay is its seven fruity scents: Blueberry Blast, Cherryberry, Sour Green Apple, Pineapple Punch, Grape Bubblegum, Orange Sherbet and Pink Lemonade. As the sense of smell is our strongest memory sense, the pleasant and interesting scents will keep a child’s attention and awaken the olfactory sense in a pleasing way.

  • Taste - As appetizing as the colors and the scents might be, the clay actually does not taste good, so discourages children from eating it. The clay is made from all organic, non-toxic ingredients, but the taste is not appealing.

  • Motor Skills - The soft texture of the clay invites manipulation, which facilitates eye-hand coordination and enhances small motor skills.

As wonderful as all these features of Joe Cool Play Clay are, the qualities of this product that parents and therapists most appreciate are:

  • keeps its form
  • stays soft longer than other clays
  • does not stain
  • cleans out of carpeting and fabric easily

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Joe Cool Play Clay 6-Pack

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